Can you hear me?
I am screaming. I am screaming
Can you hear me?
Blood is dripping. Nails are piercing
Thorns are ripping. Ripping through

I read the tragedy
It comes to me
In bloodyâ?¦ Broken dreams
You always loved me
Never knew these
Ironies of living free
I live for you
You died for me

Can you hear me when I'm screaming?
I can hear your voice. It's weeping
You cried out, when I was needing
I was nothing, you comfort me

Now I see that you are here for me to lean on
Though I know what hate can do
We shed tears of ashes for you
Death only began the truth
You cry for me
And died for me
I try so hard to be like you
I won't be afraid to stand alone now

Oh no. Can't you see? What it means to me, for me, to me.
Take my hand. So I'll stand. Set me free. You will see.
What it means, to live and be able to breath.
(This blood on my dirty sleeve
Is drying and can't be washed from me)

I never thought that you could abandon me.
I will fight the day that you mentioned that you have to die for me.
To say that you could never run away from saving me.
From what I've made you do for me now.

I'll fight for you. I'd die for you.
My life for you. Now it's time.
I won't forget your name. No more am I afraid, no.
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Tears Of Ashes Lyrics

Dear Whoever – Tears Of Ashes Lyrics