Wagon train of lovin' moving slow
And I can see the peace pipe burning low
You criticize each little thing I do
But listen baby, I've got news for you

There's too many chiefs and not enough Indians around this house
Baby I'm tired of this old game we play called cat and mouse
If you don't give just a little bit more
We're both gonna lose this race
Cause there's too many chiefs and not enough Indians around this place

Trouble on our happy hunting ground
Cause you keep stepping too far out of bounds
It's hard to run this reservation right
When you stay on the warpath day and night


Look at all the things I have to do
To keep this tepee running just for you
Well time's are tough and wampum's hard to save
Just remember who's the squaw and who's the brave

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Not Enough Indians Lyrics

Dean Martin – Not Enough Indians Lyrics

Songwriters: BAKER KNIGHT
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