Inside this city's limits
You'll have dreams but you'll never live them
So light a match and watch it burn

You'll have a life but it will be worth nothing
So you better reach out for something
And hold on for all it's worth

And you better believe,
This city offers nothing
And you gotta see
The things won't change
And you better believe,
This city's ours for the taking
So let's all burn it down
Tonight, tonight, tonight

And if you try to leave here
This city's way will sure reach you
Unless it's all been blown away

So let's the light the kindling
That's made up of you and me
Burn 'em down
Burn it down today

I see this city for what it is
Nothing more than a burial ground
For our caskets
Look at the skyline,
Look at the streets,
There's nothing left but shattered dreams
So are we gonna sit around,
Or are we gonna burn it down tonight?
Burn it all down to the ground tonight
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Bright Lights Burnt City Lyrics

Dead Hearts – Bright Lights Burnt City Lyrics