Here's singer
Here's singer
Heres' singer give it out

Here's singer
Heres singer
Here's singer give out again

Given love
Given life
Given faith what would it be

He's bitter
He's bitter
That's why he's a star to you and me

He loved the last
I loved and lost
But he loved being in love the most

Given it to keep
And time to sleep
And just maybe dream what would he be

He's ours
Hes's ours
He's [?]

Those words
Are dangerous
The kind of things you don't see

Given sight
And the ways of life
Sometimes you see what can it be

A normal heart
Could find it hard
Not to forgive what it could be

Here' singer
Here's singer
Here's singer
Here's singer
Heres singer
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Here's Singer Lyrics

Deacon Blue – Here's Singer Lyrics