I see you dreaming by the ocean window
I hear you breathing like the waves upon the shore
The tide is turning on your time of sorrow
You will never be so lonesome any more
The breezes whisper as the curtain dances
Your dreams are deeper than the mystery of the sea
The sun itself is in the room beside you
With a message of how good your life can be
I know that a heart can just get buried
Stone by stone, crushing hope until it dies
Far away, but the message somehow carries
Beloved, it is time for you to rise
Time for you to rise up
With a sudden sense of wonder
Though the promise goes unspoken
As the joy comes to your eyes
When the joy comes to your eyes
From the burden you've been under
For your soul was never broken
Beloved, it is time for you to rise, time for you to rise
There's nothing wrong with taking time for sleeping
Your eyes are weary with the things that you have seen
A deeper promise your soul is keeping
Right in time for this appointment in your dream
Angels whisper so as not to wake you
There's nothing else in this whole world for you to do
But follow on to where your dream may take you
To see your footsteps from an eagle's point of view
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Rise Lyrics

David Wilcox – Rise Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVID WILCOX
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