She was still on my mind when I crossed the state line
Walked out a little too fast
I said some things that I didn't mean
And I should have taken 'em back
And I knew when I said 'em that voice in my head whispered
Man when are you gonna learn
You told her goodbye you left with your pride
But you're gonna eat those words

And now I'm havin' breakfast in Birmingham
Tryin' to swallow my pride
I got a plate full of memories
And not much appetite
There ain't nothin' like a cold cup of coffee and a stale apology
I'm having breakfast in Birmingham
She's in Tennessee

It's a thunderin' sound silver droppin' down
In an ol' pay phone
When you're makin' that call to say you were wrong
And it's ringin' like nobody's home
She's not the kind who'll cry and remind me
That I left and broke her heart
I'm prayin' she answer 'cause I gotta tell her
This time I went too far

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Breakfast In Birmingham Lyrics

David Lee Murphy – Breakfast In Birmingham Lyrics

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