Okay, I admit it,
I'm seeing someone,
And it's gotten beyond a movie or two.
Now you boys were present
When I swore off fallin' in love,
But that was never really meant as a hard, and fast, rule.

I'm not sayin' I will.
I'm not sayin' I won't.
I'm just feelin' somethings that I usually don't.
I'm starting to see the attraction of settling down.
Now, I mighta been rash, talking take 'em or leave 'em,
That night down at buster's,
That bull about freedom.
She's sure something, something to think about.

She's tender-hearted, open and honest.
I can sit and talk with her all night.
She's so smart and charming,
Not to mention she possesses
Those qualities you superficial guys like.


She's enough to make me reconsider
My views on vows, and rings, and such.
Mortgages and babysitters,
The consequences of falling in love.


Oh, she's something, something to think about.
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Something To Think About Lyrics

David Kersh – Something To Think About Lyrics

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