I'll be your chauffeur
Drive you to a distant shore
Fill the tank with gas and dreams
The twinkle of the stars shall be our semaphore
And guide us to that place
A better place
Then we shall stay in our Eden restored

I'll be your chauffeur
The go-fer who will fetch and carry you home
So curl up on this mobile sofa
I'll turn the key and let these four wheels roam
We'll take it at a steady pace
Or find a shooting star to chase
In a carriage made of leather, wood, and chrome

I'll check the water
I'll take the wheel
I'll jump a red light if that's how you feel

I'll be your chauffeur
No diversion shall deter
I'll wear the uniform
The engine shall purr as if metal were fur
I'll be your chauffeur
No destination is too far
We'll turn the mileage over
The payment we shall disregard
And we will leave this place
For another place
A ticker tape welcome awaits us in the stars


I'll be your chauffeur, yeah [Repeat: x4]
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I'll Be Your Chauffeur Lyrics

David J – I'll Be Your Chauffeur Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVID JAY
I'll Be Your Chauffeur lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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