Little Blind Fish (3: 37)
Words: David Crosby
Music: Jeff Pevar

Little Blind Fish in a wide river
Who is the gift and who is the giver
Is it a matter of choice where you go
Does it give you a voice just to know
You're here............

Little Blind Fish
Staring at a mirror
How far can you see
Are you getting any nearer

Little Blind Bird
Sitting in a tree
Saying this is the end now
Can't you see
It's all gone...... Solid gone

Little Blind Fox
Sitting in a box
Saying this is an open space
And it has no locks

Tattered Old Lion
Living in a cage
Bit off his own leg in a rage
In a rage.... (Repeat 1st verse)

David Crosby, Lead Vocal
Jeff Pevar: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
James Raymond: Vocals, Organ
James "Hutch" Hutchinson: Fretless Bass
Debra Dobkin: Percussion

© 1998 Stay Straight Music (Bmi), Peeved Music (Bmi)
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Little Blind Fish Lyrics

David Crosby – Little Blind Fish Lyrics