What A Day That Was
Well, I'm dressed up so nice
An' I'm doin' my best
Yes I'm startin' over
Startin' over in another place

Lemme tell you a story
Big chief with a golden crown
He's got rings on his fingers
And then he walks up, up to the throne

He's makin' shapes with his hands
An' don't you dare sit down
Now don't you dare sit back
And don't you dare speak up!

And on the first day, we had everything we could
Oh and then we let it fall
And on the second day, there was nothing else left
to do
Oh what a day that was.

There are 50,000 beggars
Roaming in the streets
They have lost all their possessions
They have nothing left to eat

Down come the bolts of lightning
Now an electrical storm
Starts a chain reaction
Go pull a fire alarm

I'm dreaming of a city
It was my own invention
And I put the wheels in motion
A time for big decisions


Oh a day that was
Oh that's the way it goes
There's a million ways, to get things done
Three's a million ways, to make things work out.

Well I'm going right through
And the light came down
Well they're roundin' 'em up
from all over town

They're movin' forward and back
They're movin' backwards and front
And they're enjoying themselves
Moving in every direction

So if you feel like you`re in a whirlpool
You feel like going home
And if you feel like talking to someone
Who knows the difference between right and wrong


We're goin' boom boom boom
That's the way we live
And in a great big room and
That's the way we live.
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What A Day That Was Lyrics

David Byrne – What A Day That Was Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVID BYRNE
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