The ocean is rising, I feel the water storming in
The ocean is waiting, it's waiting for me to dive right
It's waiting for me to dive, to dive
No sailor would doubt me, he's sensed this strange mood
Some time before
Tsunami come, quickly, come cover me whole forever more
Lie down on the coral stones, face right up to the sky
And I can hear the ocean's mighty
Thunder sound under the Milky Way

It's quiet as glass now... Until there's a wind so it'll
The reef starts a fire dance
The waves crash through the salt against my skin
Hold onto your head now
It's waiting for us to dive right in
Heave away, haul away
And yeah it's waiting for me to dive, to dive
Heave away, haul away
Heave away, haul away
The Mulukuwausi, it comes today
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Dive Lyrics

David Bridie – Dive Lyrics