My hands are shaking as I'm sadly learning
The truth behind your innocent disguise
You never thought I knew that you had been untrue
But I once saw the devil somewhere in your eyes

And now you got the nerve
To ask me where I'm going
And I don't believe I'd tell you if I knew
I'll be gone when the sun comes up tomorrow
I believe it's time to say goodbye to you
And it sure smells like snow in Bossier City
But there ain't no weather quite as cold as you
I'd sooner stand in mother nature's anger
Than to spend another lonely night with you

I'm talking but I'm feeling
You're not listenin'
My words they just fall
Heavy on the floor
Yes it's true that you knew
I would not stay forever
And you won't see me cryin'
When I walk out your door
And now you got the nerve...
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Bossier City Lyrics

David Allan Coe – Bossier City Lyrics

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