I take a walk down to the shore
And I wonder how much longer I?ll sustain these steps
It?s been a month since I?ve been gone
And it?s been a month too long since you have graced me with your presence
I smell your scent on every single shirt I wear;
I find pieces of your hair stuck to my suitcase
I try to call but the reception here is weak
And it?ll still be three more weeks until I get home
I hope your waiting by the door when I get home
I don?t want anyone to see me here alone
It?s not enough to say ?I think about you? now
But that was all I had
I walk the boards alone tonight and try to fill this empty space inside my chest
I took Atlantic home tonight and every neon light, and sign, spelt out your name
And every morning that I wake
I make a point to check the date incase I slept an extra day
I?ve crossed so many numbers out
But every time I count them there are so much more
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Sam's Song Lyrics

Dave Melillo – Sam's Song Lyrics