Ohh, ohh, ohh
Ohh, ohh
Ohh, ohh
You`re the private girl, the side girl
You`re the best ride I ever had girl
You`re the one I make up more lies to see
But you can`t keep callin` my phone
When you know I got a wifey at home
But you still call
Are you tryin` to break up my thang?
Told you to keep it on...
Told you to keep it on
The down low so know one knows
That I see you on the side
But you can`t have me
So you told everybody
That I see you on the side


You`re the real girl, the keep it real girl
And I understand how you feel girl
But I just can`t give up my girl for you, no
But you`re sayin` you can have it
No one else can, you better understand
Gonna stop runnin` `round, tellin` your friends
Oh oh oh



I know I put it on you
Now you can`t get enough of me
I know you want to be the
Girl I`m runnin` home to see
I know that I gave it
The way you want me to
I know that I`m not gon`
Give up my girl for you

[Chorus:] w/ ad-libs to fade
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On The Side Lyrics

Dave Hollister – On The Side Lyrics

Songwriters: DURRELL BABBS

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