[Verse 1:]
Heard that song on the radio
And got my gears turning
Like a real live time machine
You were there in the front seat
When those down we were burning
It was just like a movie scene
Those dashboard lights and your pale blue eyes
Cutting through me

Two hearts on the getaway
Feels just like yesterday
Young love on the free way
Singing Louder than ever
Those nights we used to sing along
We where living a love song
Those days might be gone but
But I hear it louder than ever

[Verse 2:]
We spend our whole summer long
You and me in the moonlight
Chasing dreams in a fast machine
No way life could go wrong
When it all felt so right
Real life California queen
How can I forget our love
Always thought u loved me

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Louder Than Ever Lyrics

Daughtry – Louder Than Ever Lyrics

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