Da dadada...

I remember all the days
Remember all the ways
The ways you made me feel

With you I never had to hide
With you right by my side
I never even tried

I had to go
For something more
But times they had
Whisked my way to an open door
I had to break up with you
Cause there's so many things and so much
I must do, but one day...

You could always make me smile
Keep me warm and make me wild
(... I had to go)
I miss you so
But whatever that you'll do
And whatever that you'll say

I will always remember you

I thought everything was fine
I thought that you were mine
Until you drew the line

And I just had to feel more free
I need more privacy
It's for the best to see


Do you remember September
What was so great I could not say
You stood there by my side
I never tried to run or hide

Do you remember December
It's just a day a way away(?)
I thought that u were mine
That it was fine
U drew the line

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I Will Always Remember You Lyrics

Datarock – I Will Always Remember You Lyrics