It all started with a bad case of the slamming doors
And ended when the judge said what was mine is yours
Now I'm sittin' on this barstool next to that ol' jukebox
Tryin' to find a cure for the what I've gots

I've got the used to be's breaking out all over me
I caught it when she came down with the set me frees
I've got the can't forget's the I wish we'd never mets
The teary eyeds the swallowed prides and the it ain't over yets
It's killin' me I've got the used to be's
[ guitar ]
I'll come down with the I don't cares bout closin' time
And the I wish she was deads won't be far behind
But I'll wake up tomorrow with the oh what did I do's
And come back to my senses with the I love you's

I've got the used to be's breaking out all over me...

The do withouts the kick me outs
And the ain't no doubts I've got the used to be's
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Used To Be's Lyrics

Daryle Singletary – Used To Be's Lyrics

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