Cafe cats are waiting
Loves anticipating
Coffee steaming on a rainy day
Couldn't stay at home
All those souls alone
Dropping by and looking for
Another taste
See you smiling from across the bar
Take a little wine, have a good time

Let's see
Are you waiting for the night
To start
Baby I'll come around if you're
Here for me
You're so lovely
So lovely
Let me know if you want me
Baby come on

Send me the night
Send me what's right
Send me your guiding light
Send me the love
Send me your groove
Send me your velvet mood
Send me smooth
Send me your love

Maybe love's in bloom
Like an old sly tune
We can spin the words
Around the moon
Mind and body met
Heaven starts to sweat
Ecstasy forgets about staying cool

Not just one more night out
On the town
Breaking down
All that's gone before
Feeling things I thought were
Long passe
Coming around again
Coming on today
Baby nothing ventured
Nothing learned
There's no way to fake it
Baby can we take it


Send me your kiss
Send me another wish
Send me this
Send me your love
Send me your smile
Send me just an ounce of style
Send me baby send
Send me your love

Maybe this is how we're
Meant to stay
I won't stop until you
I won't drop until you
Make me, make me
Baby, baby, baby, baby
Send me
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Send Me Lyrics

Daryl Hall – Send Me Lyrics

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