I can feel it when the wind blows
Stealing leaves out of their trees
It's a moment full of mystery
Summer's last breath before the freeze
But the change will make me stronger
As I deal with shorter days
Summer's moved to South America
10,000 miles away

To the top of hunger mountain
I found my solitary way
Where I could live on nuts & honey
And take my shelter in a cave
Then I thought of friends and family
Who would never pass this way
When I opened my eyes I saw them
10,000 miles away

Where is that fragile boy we knew
Whose passion was his curse?
He found the error of humanity
But he did not see it first
His accordion and couplets
Have no real effect today
Is he sleeping on some sidewalk
10,000 miles away

No one should have to try
No one should have to try so
No one should have to try so hard
No one
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10,000 Miles Away Lyrics

Darrell Scott – 10,000 Miles Away Lyrics