Darkness - In every line and word I'm singing
Demons - Haunting me whenever I think
Nightfall - A dying man
Nightfall - Yes I am
Beasts inside me roar
The dark one is my name
Allright, here's the dark one speaking
I introduce my mental world to you
Breaking living nothingness
That's what I will do - be careful!
My words are in your hands
And they measure good and bad
Maybe they attract you
But you should read between the lines
I rule the night, it's my home, I welcome you
Die Nacht ist mein, und ich lad dich herzlich ein
I hunt the light, for more than one decade
'Cause I am the dark one, the dark one I am
Selfhood - I hate you
Dullness - and you too
I decry you all
For dark one is my name
Hey you, do you hear my words
I hope you do, and feel it too
Blaming mortal selfishness
That's what I will do - I mean it!
This is my other side
I'm not only a dark one,
As I have a pulsing heart
For all who care

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The Dark One Lyrics

Darkseed – The Dark One Lyrics