Two rushing shades meeting face to face
Dull procedures come and go every day
A thousand tricks and one thousand smiles but
Life is not profound
An endless tide of ideas and belief
It's a mess, 'cause nobody thinks or feels
The sky laughs loud, entertainment for free
We are nothing
Gain, all we gain is trivial nonsense next to nothing
Our merit is: failing whenever we can
We are so precious...
But I say, we are next to nothing!
We are nothing, next to nothing, we are nothing
A friendly smile hiding misunderstandings
I see your mask but your soul I can't find
A thousand lost days, two thousand new ones
Tunnels light or dead end
Another night and even more days to come
And I've to look into mortal faces
It's just an act of regret and farewell
We are nothing
I look at you and wonder
Is it me whom I see
I am one of those mortals too
I'm lost as well as you
Where is my sympathy
I'm not one of those
Who're loving life, loving life eternally

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Next To Nothing Lyrics

Darkseed – Next To Nothing Lyrics