There's a secret who lies
In some places of my dreams

Walk and walk but the way
Ever back to begin

I cross the oceans, the hills
And the valley of the kings
I was the first who climb
The burning mountain
I talked with the spirit
Of the wise men in the sky
I didn't take an answer
I will never give up.

Shadow of lies is growing
In my restless dream

Walking to nowhere
I'm looking for a silent hill

Tell me of fallen hero
Do you fell the flight of time
How many attempts will you
Repeat the history
Don't cry no more
All you are looking for is in your mind
The sacred and the evil
The darkness and the light

I'm searching the exit now
But the exit is in my mind
Oh, holly darkcrown
Give me a new life.
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The Fallen Hero Lyrics

Darkcrown – The Fallen Hero Lyrics