Your orders are given, the time for destruction is now
They'll give you no reason, you'll be the first so be proud
They've tracked you on radar, the fighters will lead to attack
The terror will freeze you, because you know you might not make it back

Gods of war have gone insane
You've played with fire, you're to blame
Perish in flames
Perish in flames
Take a stand for what is right
Time is now so make the fight
Perish in flames
Perish in flames, die!!!

You've locked onto to target, the missiles stand ready to launch
Your mind bleeds in terror, destination lines up in path
Your final descent, the bird of prey unleashes it's wrath
You've pulled the trigger, the world goes insane so you laugh

The world burns below you, innocent people now die
You're stricken with remorse, though much is your loss you don't cry
You clench up in anger, for war is stupidity
For mankind it's too late, and you are the last to see

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Perish In Flames Lyrics

Dark Angel – Perish In Flames Lyrics

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