He said I don't have that much to offer
But what I have I'm sure proud of
I may never be a rich man, Buy a big fancy mansion
But I still think, you'll like what I've got

I've got two rocking chairs on my front porch
That's overlooking hills and a faded red barn
Inside this old farmhouse there's an old wood stove
On a cold night, you can bet it'll keep us good'n warm
Got a big bay window with a view of the stars
And a field full of Corn

If you take these calloused hands they're gonna hold you
And love you, and give you all they can
I can't promise any lights, but I gotta sky full of fireflies
Sunsets that are golden just like a wedding band


We may never have everything that other people have
But at least we'll always have each other and...

Tag: And a field full of corn
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Corn Lyrics

Darin & Brooke Aldridge – Corn Lyrics