Oh my lovely rose of Clare,
You're the sweetest girl I know,
You're the Queen of all the roses
Like the pretty flowers that grow,
You are the sunshine of my life
So beautiful and fair,
And I will always love you.
My lovely Rose of Clare.

Oh the sun it shines out like a jewel,
On the lovely hills of Clare,
As I strolled along with my sweet lass,
One evening at the fair,
Her eyes they shone like silver streams,
Her long and golden hair,
For I have won the heart of one.
My lovely Rose of Clare.

As we walked down by the river bank,
Watched the Shannon flowing by,
And listened to the nightingale,
Singing songs for you and I,
And to say farewell To all you true and fair,
For I have stolen the heart of one,
My lovely Rose of Clare.
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Lovely Rose Of Clare Lyrics

Daniel O'Donnell – Lovely Rose Of Clare Lyrics

Songwriters: CHRIS BALL
Lovely Rose Of Clare lyrics © BARDIS MUSIC, USA ATTN: PETER BARDON

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