Lately things been coming on real nice
I must admit it's a kind 'o surprise
But it feels real nice
I have been thinking about a ring
Me and my baby , we just got through this thing
Now ain't nothing can come between

Anything can happen, any day now
Remember that

You ain't the man, the man with the master-plan

I saw it coming in a beautiful dream
Was like nothing else, yet such a familiar theme
And I think I know what it means

I went down the valley , I went on top of the hill
Made a little wow, not to rest until
The worried blues lay still

Tonight the moon's so bright and you can hear the mockingbird sing
Feel a little mixed up, wondering what tomorrow will bring
But don't worry 'bout a doggone thing
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Anything Can Happen Lyrics

Daniel Lemma – Anything Can Happen Lyrics

Songwriters: LEMMA, DANIEL
Anything Can Happen lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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