I left my baby
Just the other night
She said something
And it led to a fight

Begged and I pleaded
Just for one more chance
So she told she'd be
At the Saturday dance

Came into the dance
And the lights were dim
Then I saw to my surprise
That you were dancing with him

I walked up to ask you
If you thought it was right
But before you could answer
He had started a fight

Run, tell the people
I'm being hurt
I could fight him alone
But can't you see
His friends are too much for me
Run, tell the people
I'm nearly dead
If you do what I ask
I'll know you're mine
You didn't mean the things
That you said

I couldn't believe what
Was happening to me
Cause there was people all around
And I couldn't get free

I punched and I kicked
I tried as hard as I could
But his friends made sure
It didn't do me no good

I knew by now
I couldn't carry on
I looked all around
And saw that you had gone

I hoped and I prayed
That you'd forgotten him
That you'd realize
The trouble I'm in

[Chorus:] 3X to fade
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Run Tell The People Lyrics

Daniel Boone – Run Tell The People Lyrics