We never had a pool, right, until one summer I remember my dad to make me happy,
you know I was bummed out because I didn't have the pool.
So one summer he bought us this thing it was yellow,
you laid it on the lawn, sprayed it with water run across.

Slip 'n' Slide, yeah. I would have been fun it dad checked for rocks before he laid it down.
"Slip 'n' Bleed from the Anus" is what they should have called this ride.
I was like, "Watch this ma! AAAAAHHH NOOOO! EEEEE!"
Yeah, luckily I was wearing that pad.

I like that one.
You don't have to, this is for me.

I was a weird kid, man.
I had some troubles.
I had some problems, man.
I had some problems.
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Slip 'n' Bleed Lyrics

Dane Cook – Slip 'n' Bleed Lyrics