We're undercover, over it.
So get down low, savour it.
This will be the last spree for the crime.
So take your time.
Pretend your mine.

You could be my Seth Cohen.
I could be your Lorelai.
We'd live under the sun and talk so fast
And how we'd laugh.
We would outlast.

But I can't fight back even in my dreams.
My fortitude is nothing like it seems.
At night they come and I just let them in.
I never win. I never win.

As it stands you tip your hat.
I walk past and curtsy back
No one who knows us both would ever guess
What could be next.

We are relentless...

And you could be my Seth Cohen
I could be your Lorelai
Someday soon these two fantasies could meet
The rust of conceit

Would taste sooo sweet.

But I can't fight back even in my dreams
Your valour's short and useless like a scream.
At nigh they come and take your face away
You never stay, you never stay...
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Carjack My Heart Lyrics

Dance Movie – Carjack My Heart Lyrics

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