I wear my Ds too short
My necklines too low
I'm getting stared at wherever I go
I wear my jeans too tight and I stay out all night
And when you turn me on you'll see how I can bite.
And now my preoccupation is making love
I gotta bad reputation through playing it rough
I like your stimulation but that ain't enough.

So don't take me home baby
Na na na na na na
''cause your mama won't like me
(Your mama won't like me)
So don't take me home honey now

Na na na na na na
''cause your mama won't like me.
I like music loud and I stand out in a crowd

By doing everything I know I shouldn't do.
So when you hold me tight I won't put up a fight
I'll just knock you out and watch you coming to
Just put me in a situation where I'm turning you on
I I 1
I'll be the devil's recreation and before too long
You could feel a sensation that's oh so strong.
So don't take me home baby . . .
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Add Reality Lyrics

Dan Swano – Add Reality Lyrics

Songwriters: DAN ERLAND, SWANO
Add Reality lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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