At 7am on a brand new day
I'm gonna start it in the perfect way
Put the greatest record on
I kick the dog, I kick the cat
Insult my mum insult my dad
Sing out loud and sing along


We say noise is for heroes (heroes)
Leave the music for zeroes (zeroes)
Noise Noise Noise is for heroes (heroes)
Oh yeah

I'm down the pub and the time is one
Hit the jukebox for my favourite song
Gonna turn it up too loud
Have a couple of games of pool
Argue with a drunken fool
Have a beer with the usual crowd


It's noise that makes the world go round
I can't survive without that sound
The sound torments me

It's 8 o'clock down the church hall
I've enough amplifiers 6 feet tall
Gonna turn them up full blast
The vicar waves his arms and looks absurd
The noise drowns out his godly words
And he can't get out too fast


[Repeat: x7]
Noise Noise Noise
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Noise Noise Noise Lyrics

Damned – Noise Noise Noise Lyrics

Songwriters: WARD, CLYDE
Noise Noise Noise lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, ANGLO-ROCK, INC.

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