Fingers staining ink, anxious mouths deliberate
Verbal clones, yesterday's bake today
Crossing the lines of the crimes that you emulate
Talon logic, subjugate, dominate
Listening, to the, vacant, sound
Of silver dollars jangling around
It's our senses, their defence is
Garbage, signed, entwined, designed
Marking places, staining faces
Feeds pop's culture, vultures line
Dogs lament, fingers bent, wet cement
Imitate, inflate, dictate
Breed prized pasture bulls to age
Harnessing the vice
Give in, what you take
Nails in the cake of lies
Right time out to portray you
All right, drain, drain, drain
Leaves fall, off style, breed in a few yen ten
Girlfriend employed, destroyed, repeat, heat, eat
Tell me I'm fucked, steroid employed, product
Groomed and condemned to a level state of grace
Like you
Silence, pirate, virus, tyrant, tune gods
Sheltered mind, the listening blinds
Drink the life of millions, see men,
Chase the bitterness with ice
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Nails Lyrics

Damaged – Nails Lyrics