V. 1
Don't sit behind that veil of smoke pretending not to see
The walk is slow, the smile is gone,
But it's still the same old me
The man who drank his final glass and left you long ago
Has loved and lost, and now crawls back
Where all good losers go

Yes I'm back, and lonelier than ever
I know I said the world would end
Before I crossed that line
But I'm back, where lonely fools all gather
And it looks like I'll be here a long, long time

V. 2
Those swingin' doors, they work both ways
And men escape outside
But all the while their strength returns
Their weakness only hides
To fight the thirst, resist the wine
I never was that strong
Just one goodbye, and down I fell
Back here where I belong
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I'm Back / And Lonelier Than Ever Lyrics

Dallas Wayne – I'm Back / And Lonelier Than Ever Lyrics