Verse 1
Just clear out the streets, and close up the shops
'Cause the Big D is comin', so get ready to rock
We're gonna play for the ring; it only means one thing
When opportunity's knockin', we're going to rock 'em and sock 'em

Bring out the guns (Bam! ); fire 'em up
We got the Cowboys coming; gonna tear it up
Like a shot gun blast, we hit so fast
We're going to knock you out; we're going to kick your

(Bam! ) Here come the 'Boys! (x3)
You better make some noise

Verse 2
Lift up your arms and raise up your voice
Get out your seats like you got no choice
Wearin' silver and blue, I gotta star on my sleeve
Time to cheer on the boys, 'cuz we're America's team


Get up, get up, get up, get up (x4)
Here come the Boys! (x4)

(Bam! ) Here come the Boys! (x3)
You better make some noise
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Here Come The Cowboys Lyrics

Dallas Cowboys – Here Come The Cowboys Lyrics