You`re gonna tear down the walls
You`re gonna scream for change
You`re gonna make a difference now
They`re gonna hear it again

Well I don`t believe it
And I can`t see it
There is a will and a way I`m happy to say
But the answer`s not in your basement

This time - down time
Your cover`s blown you`re on your own this time
Down time now you`re on your own
Look around - up and down

There are people sleeping on the ground
There are problems way more real
Than a gang or a scene or a record deal
And I don`t believe it

My eyes have seen it
Nothing you can say will make it go away
The answer`s in your actions
When times go bad and we`re so quick to run away
In the down time will you see it through?
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Down Time Lyrics

Dag Nasty – Down Time Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVE SMALLEY
Down Time lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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