I came to find her
Far across the world I came
Lookin for my lover
Lost shadow in the world game

The time she left me I was
Burnin like a bird on fire
Puppet on a melting wire
Windup spring unwound

She found love the
Dancing on a money box
Tying up the thought fox
Givin me the runaround

Gender gap tender spot
She loved me she loved me not
Turnin on her heel she got
Married on the rebound

But now I'm sittin here having coffee with you
Wondering how you feel today
Do you still have sugar in yr cappuccino?
Do yr eyes still flutter away?
I'm feelin like a man that fell to earth
Doesn't recognise the pulse
I'm startin to wonder just who we are
I tried to find you
Now I'm tryin to convince myself
That I'm not somebody else

Old age new age
Trap the bird inside the cage
Pleasing daddy leads to rage
Theatre in the round eye
Blazing crazy

Happy sad time bomb
Swingin on a pendulum
Who can calculate the sum
Sleepin with the outcome's
Easy peasy

Say cheese smile please
Bare yr teeth but not yr soul
S** & hugs & shock control
Tryin hard pushin for yr own space

Fear of not enough for me
Left alone without a lover
Moving target finds it's cove
Livin 'tween a cushion and a soft place

You say you will no longer walk the path of fear
Step out of nintendo game
Warrior woman will she'd no tears
She will generate no blame
But time is a river of deep belief
Head above the surface or drown
To swim back upstrea
Tryin to grasp a past dream
It's hard to face the fact
That in this fiction
I'm living on your own

Here I sit now
In a theatre in the round
Watch you dance without a sound
Are we dead or are we in the dreamtime?

Fellow travellers round yr fire
Watch you walk the high thought wire
Watchin for the flyer to inspire us real time

They come to see and to be seen
The real dramas they play between
The acts and encores 'tween the scenes
Read between the songlines

To show yr vulnerability
Demands intense humility
Cos human fallibility
Knows self esteem is simply mainly
Ego there you go
Most of the time

Once I was a teacher in a circle of ghosts
None of them believed they were dead
I closed my eyes and took em to the mountain but
We went down a stairway instead
We dug up our bodies and many old fears
Shook out dusty wings to fly
I began to wonder what I was doing this for
But I forgot to ask them then
Just what it's like to die
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Came To Find You Lyrics

Daevid Allen – Came To Find You Lyrics