Never has it been so sweet to your ear

So lend it here and let go your fear

And give a green light to the man on the mic

And keep this beat cause it's just my type

And I'll ride the rhythm like a black cowboy

And I'ma get busy for y'all to enjoy

Whether dancefloor jeep or the comfort of your home

I'm kickin somethin out your back that rhymes with comb

Flippin the script because I used to be with Stet

But when shit got heck, had to step and keep the rep

Pack a forty ounce brew, leave it out it gets flat

So I'm comin freely in ninety-three with the fact

Okedoke supportin, a shoutout to the Hortons

and Burrells for supportin all the wars that we fought in

And now it's time for me to sorta claim my fame so

Please don't ask the question how low can you go

And as for traditional rappers and MC's

The Godfather sings please please please

to your parents, so I'ma sing a song to you

You're either friend or foe, so whatcha gonna do

Cause I'm

(flowin in file with a new style) -- 2X

In ninety-three I'm (flowin in file with a new style)

Give it to me I'm (flowin in file with a new style)

A special shout goes out to East New York

Brownsville, Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Redhook, Ft. Greene

Styles upon styles, but I don't think so

Cause people only rock one style at a time

If you with it, as long as the Daddy has been

You learn that people gotta p-ay for the rhyme

They called the one eighty seven on a undercover cop

But the vest was bulletproof, so the cop didn't drop

My brother Ice-T couldn't take it no more

So he got with Sister Souljah and they bumrushed the store

Cube was inside yellin dirty Korean

Turned around looked for Yo but the cops didn't see her

Cause she eased to the back after checkin around

To get with Chuck Norm and Flav to Shut Em Down

News caught on, but Don't Believe the Hype

Only fools would believe that Rakim is on the pipe

Cause he stomped to the 90's singin songs of Tennessee

And Luke's sippin daquiris in Miami

And we're rollin, couldn't keep a good rap down

And if it hurts ya, we don't want to nurture

that of which you fear, so I'ma leave it up to you

Is it a new Daddy-O, or Daddy-O gettin new

I know you thought that if I kept back

I would stick to producin so the wack will get fat

But no way, no how, and no cigar

So do I call out your name or do you know who you are

Cause I'm

(flowin in file with a new style) -- repeat 2X

In ninety-three I'm (flowin in file with a new style)

Bustin em up I'm (flowin in file with a new style)

Now break it down for me

Oh Daddy oh Daddy where have you been

Well I built a studio in Brooklyn

And as far as rappin, no I didn't give up hope

And yo Erick and Parrish Das EFX is dope

And to Muggsy, comin out of 7A3

Props on Cypress Hill and the House of P

And though I never met him, and Flint is not my home

Shout out goes to the brother with the Breedy on the chrome

And yes I get with this, so Black Sheep is a fave

And to X-Clan thank you for the road that you paved

To the Abstract, Phifer, and the True Fu-Schnick

And a LONG shout out, goes out to Slick Rick

I still love ya Biz, but clear ya samples bro

And to Big Treach and Naughty, keep talkin bout the ghetto

To CL and Pete makin beats for the streets

And to Main Source, makin fakes pay the cost

To Premier and Guru, and every other crew

catches wreck, as Showbiz and A.G.'ll say to you

Give it all you got, and take it from your coach

Enemies I'm crushin like a roach, cause I'm

(flowin in file with a new style) -- repeat 2X

In ninety-three I'm (flowin in file with a new style)

For your mom I'm (flowinin file with a new style)

(flowin in file with a new style) -- repeat till fade

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Flowin In File Lyrics

Daddy-O – Flowin In File Lyrics

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