You and your heroes
By Da Lench Mob
Does polly want a cracker?
F**k no, he's a zero,
And I ain't with the redneck hero
I'm glad that Lincoln got bucked in the face,
We shoulda been free in the first place.
Now let me drop it like it should be,
And watch Rocky Marciano a** get mobbed.
Madonna, ya mot*****in' s***,
You can show your butt, and jimmy still won't get up.
Babe Ruth was good against the white boys,
But he couldn't hit a n***a like Doc Gooden.
Marilyn Monroe was a hoe for the Kennedy's,
Don't worry, jd know's the enemies,
And I'll point 'em out if ya don't know 'em.
And tell Uncle Sam that I'm lookin' for him,
Cause I don't bow down to no zero,
And I'll say: f**k you and your heroes.
Now, who's the next maggot?
George Washington, he wore a wig like an F
Just like Rock Hudson,
Him and Liberace both liked butts and dicks,
Gobbled up nuts like Trix,
T-bone's on the mot*****in' mix,
Don't talk Bird and all of his scorin'
Cause I'll say Magic, Ewing, Jordan,
Elijawon, Isiah and Barkley
Now b***h don't start me,
Ya asked me did I like Arsenio?
Cube tell em', mot*****in' no,
Take it from the Lench Mob,
Elvis is dead as a door knob,
Never been caught for all the songs he stole,
And you put James Brown on parole?
I know the deal, you hate to see a black face
Win the mot*****in' race.
Cause you still think we're Negroes,
But I'll say: f**k you and your heroes
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You & Your Heroes Lyrics