Da Danger aka D2dg
Yes, I got tha power
Yes, I can make'it
And I'm gonna make'it
Let's Gooo,

I crash anything, any bitch in my way
In my rap biff, forever I stay
I don't try to be good for you, don't appreciate me
I do 'it for my self bro, you don't know me
If you really wanna know, read between tha lines
My pen, my flow, my beat there my armes
I wanna make history and leading this town
I try to come up and people try to let me down
Arabic acapella, I made exception that's english
I'm ready for tha genocide and this is my wish
I got tha power, for making that happen
All hand's claping, danger stay rapping
I got tha power, cuz I'm able to lead
Warning Hip Hop, I'm gonna make you breath
No team, no bullshit, I'm riding solo
The beat is my wheel, not a low-low (lowrider)

Hook, yeaah
Hook, yes
Hook, yeaah
I Got Tha Poweeeer [x3] (Da Danger)

[Verse 2:]

One, two, three to tha... Five
I see death mc's, but I'm alive
So strong I make music, I work hard
I got talent and patient and I go hard
I don't give a fuck about my enemies
I kill'm quikly ans I eat'm like cheese
I don't sleepe at neight, cuz I write in tha page
Screaming in tha stage, like a beat in tha cage
D2dg, yes I can I'm self made
I belive in self my lyrics heavy weight
I follow my way to win, yes I'm on'it
4 years I stay here, cuz I wanna make'it
The future sam's dark, I wanna turn tha light
Dear god, give me the power for this fight
I try to finish my work and living my dream
Gйnocide, for any pussy human being

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I Got The Power Lyrics

Da Danger – I Got The Power Lyrics

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