[Millie Jackson]
Buckwiiiild outrageous do what you feel like doin
Til a motherfucker know when you don't feel like screwin
I did it, you do it, break the ties that bound
Keep a motherfucker off you, keep your feet on the ground
Heyyy! Fuck you if you can't go for that
And a double fuck you from Da Brat-a-tat-tat
Let it +All+ hang loose, never feelin afflicted!
Go for what you want and it's called.. Unrestricted

May the Lord be my witness
From the "Funk" to the "Tantrum" now "Unrestricted"
The K-Town bitch too weak
In Chi-villain they be killin every mark in the district
Can y'all skill match it?
Right I kill Patrick from the six-oh-six-fo'-fo'
Got hit cause ya clip so slow
Motherfuckers can't do shit with "So So"
Shine like a twenty inch Mo-Mo
For the Navi' on top of them dub's
Hit me in the mug, and deliver the bud
Now you talkin bout my gul
Terror for the millenium, straight fuckin up anyone
(hah, anyone.. Ssshit) Steady bust like a semi gun
Murderin over any drum
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Intro Lyrics

Da Brat – Intro Lyrics

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