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Uh, uh, yeah..
Do you know who I am? (3x)

I'm in a deep yo
Peep though
Things are on the fallout
Kids all lookin' to peel my way back
I figure that s**t out
The other day
The review mirror
When things are closer than they appear
Tear s**t down hit the corner
Cut through the alley
Seen a fine chick
Didn't have time to rally
I remember you but I gotta dip
Skip the f**k out
These ni***z are following me from behind n***a
They can't fade us so eliminate us to get famous
It's all painless
I'll show 'em what insane in the brain is
Maybe they'll run, or find out what the rain is
They want beef f**k giving it to 'em shameless

Do you know who I am?
Do you know my lifestyle I don't think so....
Do you know who I am?
Do you know my lifestyle maybe you don't...
Do you know who I am?
Do you know my lifestyle I don't think so....
Do you know who I am?
Do you know my lifestyle I don't think so....

They can't wheel with the ruckus
Motherfuckers get wicked in situations
That causes a n***a to react
More to the back in the corner
Know what they say
Caught a n***a live on to fight another day
Maybe fight and not appear
Maybe they want it
Maybe you ni***z following my tension
I dispatch the troops quick then give 'em time
Didn't give 'em a second to push me over the line
Between that the humiliation that's on my life flash
Gun blast, all out confusion
The smoke clears
Foes crawlin' outta here
Snap fingers like magic, they disappear
These b*****s had it no question never bloody
Never f**k with nobody who's crazy!


I'm in this world hell called life
Willin' to risk it
Pop the disc and you ain't bustin' a biscuit
Fools think they heavy weight
They never wait
Like a n***a tryin' to get p***y on the first date
They federate, whenever hate if you want to
Kill me in my soul will come back to hunt you
You never sleep, never get rest
Feelin' the cold breath, you're the opposite of ever last
You never last!
Pass 7 days of madness
After my soul path
The spiritual plane is weak, n***a you need to fast
'Cause you're bitin' my s**t
Mouths full but don't follow
My shit's acid burning your stomach making you hollow
Best learn who you're f*****g with
Before you try s**t
You might die with my name caught in your eyelids
See that, weave that, inhale the weed sack
I be that n***a willin' to die for what I'm feelin'
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Do You Know Who I Am Lyrics

Cypress Hill – Do You Know Who I Am Lyrics