Things I would do
Apologize, bite my tongue
Swallow my pride,just shut up
Change my tune,clip my wings
Take it back,everything

Things I would do just to have you back again
I'd single-handly prove to you that I can
Fight for you cry for you I'd live and die for you
These are just some of the things I would do

Bury the hatchet,burn that bridge
Ride my high horse,right off that cliff
Move that mountain,cut it down to size
Seize the moment,compromise


I miss your hands your face your laugh your smile
The sweet sweet kiss the one that used to drive me wild


If looks could kill,I'd be shooting blanks
Stop stirring stew,start giving thanks
Stop spinning my wheels,apologize
Bite my tongue,swallow my pride
Take it back,compromise
Just shut up I'll shut up
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Things I Would Do Lyrics

Cyndi Thomson – Things I Would Do Lyrics

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