No one is harder on me than myself
Or so it seems
And some say that you are my curse, my own worst enemy
I think they're wrong

I never thought our life could be like this
I never thought...

[Chorus: ]
I'll be your safe ride home when you call me
I'll be everything and more
When you call my name

I thought "No one is smarter than me
No I don't need anyone's help"
Or so it seems (I was so wrong)

You've changed me for the good
They never understood
But even if they tried I doubt they could
So take my nervous hands
Then we could take a stand
We don't have to live by their demands, yea

I never thought life could be like this
I never thought...

[Chorus: Repeat 2X}

When I'm with you there's no worries
When I'm with you there's no shame
When I'm with you I'm secure
Which usually begins the grain

They could say we lack the progress
They could say that we're a mess
They could say we'll never make it
I know we're better than their test
And I don't hear them anyway

[Chorus: Repeat 3X] everything, everything, everything, everything and more
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Safe Ride Lyrics

Cute Is What We Aim For – Safe Ride Lyrics

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