[Verse I:]
I'll br right next to you
Til the day my life is through
For my heart singing all for you
Though I'm not the one for you
More than the woeds to say
A broken promise we'll find someday

A love to wait,
Exactly I'm here for you to say

For you I'll fight til the end
Though my heart & soul is crushin
I'll hide my tears so you wont see
While I can't find your love for me

[Verse ii:]
Mourn & weep and like an angel's cry
A thousands miles I walk to die
Tears fall down and I am so blind
Like the birds singing and fly to find

[Repeat Ref]
[Repeat Chorus]


[Repeat Chorus: 2x]
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For You Lyrics

Curtain Call – For You Lyrics

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