We've got to tell the government
That freedom is God sent

Where's the inspiration
Living like we do
Can't tell the devils from the angels
Faithless believers all over town
Where's the voice of reason just like the others.
Living underground

Come the revolution
Gonna burn this place down
Come the revolution
Gonna tear his kingdom down
Burn this palace down

Image of corruption
An outline of a life
Is he a devil or an angel
You say you're my brother, you're just another clown
Where's the voice of reason, just like the others
Living underground

Outlines, deadlines, anything for headlines
We get no respect 'cause we're all on the breadline
I know what it's like to be a survivor
You feed on greed when soul is my provider
Come the revolution, the fine decider
See how it feels when you're the the outsidre

Symptoms of survival, emotions underground
But come the revolution
Gonna burn this palace down
Come the revolution
Gonna tear his kingdom down
Come the revolution
You're gonna hear us shout
Put faith in evolution
And solution will be found

If you take away my rights, prepare for the fight
We gotta tell the government that freedom is God sent
Don't need no rifles when we have disciples

A peaceful revolution will bring the solution
So raise your hands-there's hope for this land
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Come The Revolution Lyrics

Curt Smith – Come The Revolution Lyrics

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