I fondle my balls
As I scratch the match of sin
I just want to smell
The burning human skin
Cum drips from my cock
As I think all my dirty deeds

To see my family burn
Satisfies my sick needs
Flames must be fed!
Burning the blessed!

I enter from the window in your attic
Sniff the gas it makes me feel ecstatic
Whole family doped to unconsciousness
Soon fire will rid them of earthly flesh

I must now make sure,

They; re all trapped inside
Soon I'll see them burn,
Whole family of five
Smell the gasoline, It's time to ignite
Flames they make me high,
In awe I watch them die


Extreme rush of blood
Rages inside my veins
Inhale the ash filled air as I cum
To the charred remains
Find a burned skull
To coat it with my semen
Masturbation in the ashes
Is my heavenly eden
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Burning The Blessed Lyrics

Cumbeast – Burning The Blessed Lyrics