Sleeping in a pool of cianti
Council with the ghost beside me
Ambulances chant to uselesness
Singing with the emergency broadcast system

Thank You Governer
For passing some favorable legislation
I assure you to my vote
Thank you soldier
For protecting our holy homeland
Hope your courage sees you home

Rome didn't Fall in a Day
It took some working towards
They had their sport and holiday
Didn't know what they were in for
Rome didn't fall in a day
Didn't even know it would
They fed the kids and went to work
Life generally was quite good

Fly into ashes now beside me
Cross the Rubicon with both feet
Cannon fodder fed off to the lions
Reptilian heart vacant of love

Just remember this holy empire to which you pledge your allegiance also killed the man we call Jesus

The meek have inherited, everything they always had
Nothing nothing, nothing nothing
Nothing nothing, nothing nothing
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Rome Didn't Fall In A Day Lyrics

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