There are moments in my life
when I feel that all is fine.
Comparable to paradise.
Then the wind begins to blow,
and my skin begins to show;
back to being vulnerable.
Pride tells me to run away.
Love tells me to stay.

I guess I'll fall in love with you again,and
I guess I fell (I fell for you).
I guess we're better when we are together.
I guess I knew.

Different views out the same window.
Different steps down the same road.
That's what makes us who we are.
When I learn to love you deeper,
the grass I thought was greener
I'll see was in my own backyard.
Tried to do it my way.
Had to learn the hard way.

Repeat Chorus

I want to stop wanting to change the way you do
(the things you do).
Much to my chagrin', I fell again.
No coincidence, my falling for you.
I'm still on your side.

Repeat Chorus
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I Guess Lyrics

Crystal Lewis – I Guess Lyrics