Funny, funny
You don't resemble what i had in mind
Funny as it seems every night you're in my dreams
Ooh baby I never thought that love could be so crazy
Crazy it may be but you're the only one for me
I knew you as a child we both were running wild and love had never crossed our minds
But that was long ago and little did i know love would sneak up from behind
Funny, funny there's no explaining what's come over me
There's nothing i can do but hope that you love me too
I'd miss the glamoured love that twinkles up above
And fades just like a shooting star
But now I'm back on earth
I see how much you're worth and now that we really are
Funny, funny
There's no explaining what's come over me
There's nothing I can do
I'm so in love with you
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Funny Lyrics

Crystal Gayle – Funny Lyrics

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