Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Mikael Dahl

Lightning strikes on the wild raging sea,
The storm rules in the air
Roaring thunder in the burning horizon,
Waves high in the sky
But the warriors on the ship of hate
Will stay in their course
Thunderstorm will not stop the rage
Or the cry for blood

Pre Chorus:
On and on, in the storm
Through the horizon
Wind in their sails
Lust for fight, kill and rape

Tyrants out on the sea
Death awaits in their steel
This battleship will be your end
Hungry eyes of the pirates
Anger grows on the sea
By the sword you will die

Breaking the waves like a sword in the wind,
With the flag in the sky
Searching for flesh to their steel,
They will show no mercy
Eternal evil, hate and pride,
There's no escape
Glory shines in their eyes,
To pride to die

Pre Chorus:


Pre Chorus:
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Rage On The Sea Lyrics

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